Youth Pheasant Hunt

The Ashtabula County Wildlife Conservation League (ACWCL) and the Solon Sportsman Association (SSA) will be hosting their annual Youth Pheasant Hunt. SSA would like everyone to remember all youth in the State of Ohio are required to take a hunter education class before the State will issue a hunting license. Any youngster who passes an ACWCL club sponsored Hunter Education course with a passing score will be eligible for one of the Youth Pheasant hunts held at Solon Sportsmen’s Club grounds located at 5426 Footville-Richmond Rd., Richmond Township, OH 44003

Remember this is a free event and the total amount of children they can accommodate is 25 (Twenty-Five) children. It’s on a first come first served basis. So, when the reach their limit, 25 children, that’s it.

For more information and to get an application you can call,  Dale Sunderlin @ 440-466-2223.